Khadilagi and Banakalagi (Application of powder and colour) Friday, Jul 03, 2015

'Khadilagi' and 'Banakalagi' (application of powder and colour) is a significant activity during 'Maha Anabasara' (hibernation) which is performed on 13th day of dark fortnight of Asadha, earlier to Chariot Festival. 'Khadilagi' is principally an activity of applying powder on the faces of deities. The powder named 'Khadi Prasad' is brought from the house of 'Datta Mahapatra' (a particular category of servitor) to the temple, for utilisation. After application, the rest of the powders are taken to the 'Shree Nabar' (palace). 'Khadi Prasad' is brought is regularly with a procession of 'Ghanta', 'Chata' and 'Kahali' (bells, umbrella and trumpet). Likewise 'Banaka', 'Barna' (colours) are brought for coloring and decoration of the deities.

'Banaka' includes 'Hingula', 'Haritala', 'Sankha' and 'Deepakala' etc (red, yellow, white and black colours). These colours are prepared from natural substances which are used to colour and make the facial appearance of the deities very beautiful and attractive. The application of these indigenous colours signifies a unique religious and spiritual customs with impeccable dexterity. Especially, the faces of the deities are colored by the materials, prepared in traditional methods in the 'Banaka Ghara' (Color preparing room) and the colours are applied by 'Shreemukha Shringari', otherwise named 'Sinhari' (a class of servitors).

It is to be mentioned that the deities are colored and decorated as part of their daily ritual, prescribed in the Records of Rights of the temple. On every Sunday, the faces of the deities along with Shree Nila Madhaba are wiped by a piece of cloth dipped in camphor water. Likewise on Thursday or Wednesday, 'Banakalagi' and 'Adhara Pochha' (applying colour and washing the lips) are also performed. But 'Khadilagi' and 'Banakalagi' is a major work during 'Maha Anabasara' which is performed before Chariot Festival to make the faces of the deities attractive, alluring and astonishing. 

Source :I & PR Department