Crime branch to investigate social media photos on ‘BRAHMA’ Wednesday, Jul 01, 2015

Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) has written to Crime Branch to investigate on social media postings regarding ‘Brahma’ and other related matters. The A.D.G., Crime Branch has been requested to treat the letter issued by SJTA authority as FIR and to initiate investigation into the case.

SJTA has said in a press release that some of the photographs of the ‘Brahma’ and deities pertaining to sacred and secret rituals such as transfer of ‘Brahma’, ‘Patali’ (burial) of the old idols in the Koili Baikuntha (divine graveyard) and carving of idols, posted and circulated in social media are fake and fabricated. The photographs are posted with the intent of spreading confusion among the devotees. The statement also said that these irrelevant photographs have no veracity and authenticity. It urged people not to be misled by such pictures.

SJTA release said that such pictures exposed as ‘Brahma’ were actually posted 4 years back. One Himansu Singhal has posted a video photo through You Tube social media basing on the research continued by an expert named Rajeeb Singhal on ‘Matsya Salagram’. Various information on the specialties, size, necessity and source of such Salagram had been provided in the year 2011 those don’t portray ‘Brahma’ of Lord Jagannath. One can verify the fact in You Tube in ‘Matsya Salagram’ site, it said.

SJTA came with above clarification relating to the photographs posted in social media and has requested innumerable devotees not to the confused in such postings.

Source :SJTA