Chandana Yatra Monday, Jun 29, 2015

One of the major festivals, among 'Dwadasa Yatra', 'Chandana Yatra' is celebrated in the month of April-May. The festival begins from 'Akshaya Trutiya' (3rd day of Bright Fortnight of the month of Baisakha) and lasts for 42 days. It is the longest yatra of the deities called 'Bahara Chandana' and 'Bhitara Chandana' (Inner and outer), 21 days each. 

Shree Madan Mohana, Goddess Bhudevi (Saraswati), Goddess Shree Devi(Mahalaxmi) along with five "Shivas" named Shree Lokanatha, Shree Yameswara, Shree Kapalamochana, Shree Markandeswara and Shree Nilakantha are taken in procession on the first day. They are taken from temple to 'Narendra' (Holy tank associated with temple rituals). Some move in palanquin and others in 'Choudola' (Chariot-like wooden carrier). The five Shivas are also called 'Panchu Pandaba' or 'Pancha Shambhu'. 'Chandana Lagi', 'Alata Lagi', 'Pana', 'Besha' and 'Bhoga' (Rituals, offerings and decorations are elaborately observed during the Yatra. First 21 days are spent with boat-game in 'Narendra', called 'Bahara Chandana'(Outer Chandan) while later 21 days are called 'Bhitara Chandan' (Inner Chandan) as the deities do not  move outside during the second phase.

On this occasion, the representative deities are given 'Agnya Mala' (Garlands of directive) from the Jeeus while another one is also given as a mark to initiate 'Ratha Nirmana'(Construction of Chariots) from the day, 'Akshaya Trutiya'.

While on the way, the deities are worshiped by different Mutts and offered 'Bhoga'. These offerings are called 'Panti Bhoga'. After Chandana Bath the deities are dressed up and sit in well decorated boat. Every day, two rounds of boat moving called 'Dina Chapa' and 'Rati Chapa' take place.

'Chandana Yatra' is very attractive and a vast crowd of devotees attend this ritual. Otherwise known as 'Gandha Lepana Yatra', this celebration is basically a summer observance. The 'Besha' concerned is named as 'Chandana Besha'. 

Source :I & PR Department