Uttarayana Yatra (Northern Journey festival) Thursday, Jun 25, 2015

'Uttarayana Yatra' (Northern Journey Festival) is observed on the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti, keeping in view the solar movement. 'Nabanka Yatra' is observed on the previous day.

On the day of 'Makar Sankranti', after 'Alati Abakasha' (Lamp offering), three deities are given 'Makar Chula' (Feather like coronation of the head). New garments, flowers and ornaments are offered after 'Sakala Dhupa', 'Mailama' and 'Sarbanga Lagi' (morning meal, change of dress and ritual for the whole body). 'Mala Lagi' (giving flower and garlands), 'Chaamurti Alankara Lagi' (offering huge ornaments to the deities) are included in the 'Besha'. Coconut, ghee, sweets, spices and milk made dishes are brought. Bhoga in earthen pots are prepared. 3 silver pots containing uncooked rice are also made ready.

Particular 'Sevaka' (servitor) with mouth covering called 'Bagha Muhna' comes in a procession accompanied by 'Ghanta', 'Chatra' and 'Kahali' (Bell, umbrella and trumpet). Mouth is folded to avoid impurity. New rice is kept ready. Afterwards, 'Makara Chaurasi Bhoga' (a particular rice offering) is brought in a procession. 'Mahabhois' (a category of servitors) in 'Panti' (collecting prasad distribution) on a 'Landabarta' (certain place) near 'Jaya Bijaya Dwara' in the temple.

Makara Sankranti usually falls on 14th of January. Especially rites are performed with 'Bandapana'. On this day, uncooked rice mixed with cheese, sugar etc. called 'Makara Chaula' is offered to the Lords. It is a festival to mark the celebration of new harvest. 

Source :I & PR Department