Parswa Paribartana (Turning the side) & Devoutthapan (Awakening) Tuesday, Jun 23, 2015

"Parswa Paribartana" (Turning the side) and "Devoutthapan" (Awakening) are included in " Dwadasa Yatra'' (Twelve Festivals) schedule of Lord Jagannath and other deities.

" Parswa Paribartan Yatra" (Turning the sides festival):

On the 11th day of the bright fortnight in the month of Bhadraba, 'Parswa Paribartan' ritual is performed. After 'Sakala Dhupa' (morning meal), 'Bhoga Mandap', 'Mahasnana' (Bathing), 'Shreeanga Chandana Lagi'(Sandal wood paste ritual), 'Dwipahara Dhupa' (Midday meal) and 'Sandhya Alati' (Evening Lamp offering), Shree Madanamohana (representative deity) is brought to 'Ekadasi Bedha' (a special place). 'Angya Mala' (A garland signifying directive) is fetched from the original Lord and then Shree Madanmohan is placed on a palanquin under the 'Bata' (Banyan tree). The palanquin is rounded a round around the temple and is returned to the same tree. Shree Madanmohan is offered 'Bhoga' (food) there named 'Ekadasi Bhoga' and also offered 'Bandapana'. During this ritual, the cot and sleeping material are taken to 'Chandan Argali' (a passage so named). After usual rituals in the evening, the deities are made to sleep on the other side on which they are laid previously. They were facing to the south, during 'Sayana Yatra' (Sleeping festival) and now their side is turned to face them to the north. After 'Bandapana' the door of the 'Sayana Ghara' (Bed room) is again sealed.

"Devoutthapan Yatra"(Awakening festival):

This ritual is observed on the 11th day of the bright fortnight in the month of Kartik. On that day the 'Sayana Ghara' is opened. The 'sevakas' (servitors), after performing 'Ekadasi Puja' (special worship), go to the 'Sayana Ghara' and pray the deities to rise them from sleep. 'Karpura Alati' and 'Puspanjali' (light offering with camphor and flower offering) are made. Then 3(three) deities are brought to be placed on silver plates for bathing. After 'Mahasnana', they are taken to the respective 'Badas'(areas) of original deities on the bejeweled throne. Other rituals are performed followed by 'Chandan Lagi', 'Nua Luga Lagi', 'Malaphula Lagi' and 'Alankara Lagi'(decoration with sandal wood paste, new garment, flowers and garlands and ornaments) are performed. Then representative deities are taken to 'Bhandara Ghara' (Store room). Original deities are treated with 'Mailama' (change of dress) and other relevant rituals. However, after 'Puspanjali'(flower offering), 'Pahuda' (sleeping of the deities) is commenced.

This ritual is otherwise known as 'Hari Utthapana Yatra'. The deities are awakened from their sleeping or divine slumber.

It is important that "Sayana yatra"(sleeping festival), "Parswa Paribartana Yatra" (Turning the side festival) and "Devoutthapan Yatra" (Awakening festival) are only related to divine slumber of the deities and all the rituals are observed only on 'Shukla Ekadasi' (11th day of the bright fortnights). 

Source :I & PR Department