Excerpt from news Item published on famous chariot festival at Puri Ratha Yatra, Puri -1912, Utkal Deepika, 22nd June 1912 Thursday, Jul 30, 2015

On last 9th 'Daru Pratistha' was performed and about two thousand Brahmins were offered 'Mahaprasad'. Sculpting of new idols of the Jeeus was carried on secretly. Servitors and others were forbidden to go inside the idol making room. On 13th Thursday night, 'Nabakalebar' ritual was performed. Daily rituals were completed and 'Sodha' was done.

Nobody was allowed to remain in the temple except four to five Daitapatis. The principal rituals in that night were change of inexpressible 'Brahma' and 'Bisarjan' of old idols. From the sound of 'Ghanta' towards the end of the night, it was only understood that old idols were being given 'Patali'. Next day, the 'Daitapatis' observe 'Asaucha' and massaging oil on their bodies, they went to 'Markandeya' holy tank to bath. 

After ten days they will be 'Pure' but they are still engaged in the service of the deities. The idols are placed on the 'Anabasara Pindi'.


Source :I & PR Department