Adharapana (Offering of drinks to the Deities) Tuesday, Jul 28, 2015

Two important rituals are performed before the deities on the 12th day of bright fortnight of the month of Asadha, followed by 'Bahuda Yatra' (Return Chariot Festival) on the chariots such as 'Adharapana Niti' (Offering of delicious drinks, touching the lips of the deities) and 'Garuda Sayana Niti'.

It is believed that salvation is fetched in 'Purusottama Kshetra' (Puri), where ever you are, be it water, sky or earth, called 'Triloka'.

'Adharapana' is prepared by the servitors as one delicious drinks consisting of milk product, cheese etc. Special big earthen pots are brought for this ritual. The drinks are filled with these pots and then the deities are offered the 'Adharapana', three pots each. The pots are placed near the 'Adhara'(lips) of the deities so as it would be touched and tasted. After the offering the pots are broken and the drinks flow over earth beneath the chariots.

It is believed that drink flown on the earth are meant for dead, witches, giants, side deities and unbodied to consume.

Usually, 'Adharapana' is offered after the 'Madhyahna Dhupa' (nnon meal) and 'Sodasha Upachara Puja'(sixteen type of worship) are followed. After this ritual 'Mahasnana', 'Mailama', 'Sandhya Alati', 'Sandhya Dhupa','Chandana Lagi', 'Badasinhara', 'Bhoga' are performed. Finally, 'Garuda Sayana' ritual is performed.


Source :I & PR Department