Hera Panchami Tuesday, Jul 21, 2015

'Hera Panchami' is a popular observance included in the 9 day stay of the Triad, held in the Gundicha Temple. This ritual is indicative of Goddess Mahalaxmi's anxiety to meet her Lord, an outburst to expose her anger and pangs of separation owing to Chariot Festival  

Goddess Mahalaxmi, seated in the 'Bhandar Ghar' (Store room) is treated with 'Majana'(Bathing ritual). Then a 'Panti Bhoga'(Collective Prasad Seban) is organised, followed by 'Pata Sadhi and Alankar Lagi' (Saree and ornament giving ritual). Goddess Mahalaxmi then enters 'Gundicha Ghara' by 'Bimana'(Palanquin)  carried by 'Biman Badus'(Particular category of Servitors assigned with transportation activities), via the Lion's Gate. Then rituals such as 'Chamara Alat', 'Bandapana' and 'Prasad Lagi' are held near the Chariot of Lord Jagannath. After these rituals, Goddess comes to 'Jaya Bijaya Dwara" ( A door named so). 'Pati Mahapatra' (Servitor) offers a 'Angyamala', taken out from the body of the Lord. The 'Bimana' carrying Goddess Mahalaxmi is brought to the chariot of Lord Jagannath. A servitor breaks a piece of wood from the chariot. Finally, goddess Laxmi returns to Shreemandir through Heragohiri Sahi(A locality in Puri Town associated with the ritual).

As 'Hera' means to 'see' or to 'visit', this ritual is named after the word. Hera Panchami is observed on the 5th day from the Commencement of the Chariot Festival. It is said that Goddess Mahalaxmi goes to Gundicha Temple secretly in anger for not being asked to accompany her and ensures that a small wooden plank from Lord Jagannath's chariot is broken off and comes back to Shreemandir. This event is witnessed amidst loud cheers and profuse excitement.  'Hera Panchami' is a part of divine human character attached to Lord Jagannath. 

Source :I & PR department