Netrotsav and Nabayouvan Darshan (Vision ritual and decoration of Youthful vitality) Saturday, Jul 18, 2015

Before 'Nabayouvan Darshan' (A particular decoration signifying youthful vitality of Triads), 'Datta Mahapatra'(a servitor) performs 'Vision Ritual' of the deities. It is called 'Netraotsav', only when 'Puja Panda' make the eyes through certain worship.

After 'Nabayouvan Darshan' lime water is sprinkled in inner premises. 'Chandan Lagi'(Sandalwood paste ritual) is done by 'Daitapati', after making the water sacred, that is brought in a silver pot. Then follows the 'Mailama'. Three Deities are put on 9 pieces and Sudarshan is put on a piece of 'Bairani Cloth'.

After this, 'Vandapana' ritual is performed by 'Datta Mahapatra' in which sacred rice, camphor, lamps, wicks etc. are used. 'Datta Mahapatra' draws eyes of the deities during 'Banaka Lagi'. But 'Puja Panda' (Brahmin servitor) completes the vision ritual. He is provided with collyrium (Black eyewash) in three small silver pen.

According to the agenda of rituals scheduled today, 'Chaka Apasara' will be done at 4 AM. This is a process to change the places of the deites from their traditional seats used during 'Anabasara'. Then other rituals such as 'Mangala Alati', 'Mailama', 'Abakasha', 'Dasabatara Thakura Bije', 'Pati phita', 'Chunapani Phinga' are performed.

After all these rituals, 'Rosha Homa', 'Rajaneeti', 'Jatrangi', 'Surya Puja', 'Dwarapala Puja' and 'Gopal Ballabha Dhupa' will be performed.

Other important rituals will be performed. These are 'Mailama', 'Jatrangi', 'Dwadas Jatra Bandapana' and 'Dakshina Ghara Bhog' etc.

Among the evening rituals, 'Sandhya Alati', 'Sandhya Dhupa', Ankuraropana', 'Chandana Lagi', 'Bada Sinhara Besa', 'Mailama', 'Pahuda Alati', 'Srimukha Khandua' and 'Senapata Lagi' are important.

It is significant that devotees have their 'Darshan' of 'Patidians'(Representative drawings of the deities on cloth), during the 'Anabasara' period.

On the concluding day of 'Anabasara'(Asadha Amabasya or Ubha Amabasya), the deities decked out in their finest robes and ornaments appear before lakhs of eager devotees to feast their eyes. 

Source :I & PR Department