Sapta Rathakara (Servitors for chariot making: 7 categories) Friday, Jul 17, 2015

Chariots are integral part of Chariot Festival because Triads move, seating on these wooden vehicles. These are made by the carpenters called 'Maharanas'. However, seven categories of servitors are entrusted with the assignment of chariot construction. They are: 1. 'Gunakar': These servitors ascertain the size, quality and measurement of various parts of the chariots. 2. 'Mukhya Rathakar': Being the main carpenters, these servitors construct the important parts of the chariots.
3. 'Lauhakar': These servitors prepare all the required equipments made of iron and other metals along with the essential materials for the carpenters.
4. 'Chhandakar': These servitors carry the logs of wood meant for chariots on their shoulders and assist in preparing the symmetry and synchronization.
5. 'Rupakar': These servitors are the sculptures who give appearance to the Sarathi, Aswa and Rathapalas etc. 6. 'Chitrakar': These servitors are painters who make different parts of the chariots colourful. They make the idols picturesque.  
7. 'Suchikar': These servitors are engaged in decoration of the chariots, canopies, flags etc made of cloth.

Latter on, two 'Nijogas'(categories of service) were added to the empowerment i.e. 'Jausalia' and 'Rangata', who help fulfill the finality of Ratha construction, by adding colours and carpentry. 

Source :I & PR Department