Public Safety

The city of Puri provides emergency services to aid the people in various emergency situations. Emergency services and rescue services are provided in the city to ensure public health and safety by addressing the people in different emergencies.

Police Service in Puri   

1. Sea Beach Police Station
Harihara Sqare
Near Sea Beach, Puri
Contact number: (06752) 222025

2. Town Police Station
Grand road
Near Jagannath Temple, Puri
Contact number: (06752) 224059/222039

3. Sadar Police station
V.I.P. Road, Puri
Contact number: (06752) 222043

4. Kumbharapada Police Station
Near Atharnala, Puri
Contact number: (06752) 222014

5. Railway Police Station
Near railway Station, Puri
Contact number: (06752) 222678

6. Temple Police Station
Lions Gate
Shree Jagannath Temple, Puri
Contact number: (06752) 223470/226211

7. Sidhamahavir Out Post
Sidhamahavir Temple, Puri
Contact number: (06752) 225158

Foreigner Registration Office

S.P. Office
V.I.P. Road, Puri
Contact number: (06752) 223940

Fire Service in Puri

Puri Fire Station
Address: Vip Road, Puri, Odisha, India
Contact number: 101

Ambulance Service in Puri

CDMO, Puri
Contact: 06752-222124 (O),222031(R)

ADMO, Puri
Contact: 06752-222175(O)

District HQ. Hospital, Puri
Contact: 06752-223742/102

Casualty /Ambulance, Puri
Contact: 06752-223742/102

Ambulance, Puri Medical
Contact: 102

Emergency Contacts

Contact Number
Jagannath Temple
06752 222001
Town Thana Police Station 06752 222039
Kumbharapara Police Station
06752 222014
Sea Beach Police Station 06752 222025
Sadar Thana Police Station
06752 222043
Fire Station 101
Ambulance (Govt.)
Ambulance (Govt.) 108
Ambulance (Apollo Hospital)
Railway Enquiry 139