Frequently Asked Questions

Q  -  I missed my relation? 

A- Please Contact: 1800 200 2524.

Q - My valuables stolen away?

A - Please Contact: 1800 200 2524.

Q - I want to have a bathe in sea!

A - Please Take helps of Life Guards in the beach.

Q  -  I would like to have Darshan of the deities from chariot

A -Yes, you can have Darshan in the Bada danda Grand Road.

Q  -  Is Maha Prasad available during Ratha Yatra?

A -Yes it is available at Gundicha Temple.

Q -  How to move inside the city?

A - Please follow the traffic directions and signage’s.

Q  -  Can we get free bus service at the time of return?

A - Yes, you may please take the bus service from Talabania and Charinala up to Malatipatapur.

Q  -  Is there Police toll free number?

A - Yes, Tourist Police toll free: 1800 200 2524.

Q  -  Is there first aid facility?

A - Yes, it’s available. Contact: 108 / (06752) 222175.

Q - Is there any Trauma Care Centre?

A - Yes, please contact: (06752) 223742.

Q -  Is there any tourist information centre?

A-Yes, you may please contact: 1800 208 1414 and Tourist Office, Puri at (06752) 222664