Puri Outskirts


Balighai (8 km)*

The Balighai beach is a famous picnic spot. The Sun and fun at the mouth of the river Nuanai is unforgettable. 


Brahmagiri (25 km)*

Brahmagiri is known for the living shrine of Alarnath. Streams of pilgrims visit Alarnath during Anabasara of Lord Jagannath. Nearby is the shrine of Baliharachandi on the solitary sand dunes. 


Satyabadi (20 km)*

Satyabadi or Sakshigopal is known for the shrine of Lord Sakshigopal. It is believed that the visit to Puri is incomplete without a visit to Sakshigopal. The temple is only 2 km away from the main road leading to Puri and is convenient to visit.


Baliharachandi (27 km)*

27 km to the south-west of Puri is the temple of Baliharachandi. Situated on a sandy hill near the sea and adjacent to the mouth of the river Bhargavi, Goddess Durga is worshipped here as Baliharachandi. The scenic beauty of this place is ideal for group picnic.


Raghurajpur (16 km)*

One of the most famous artists village in Odisha, the village of Raghurajpur boasts not only of the exquisite pattachitra's and talapattachitra's, but also of being the native place of Guru kelucharan Mohapatra, the famed Odissi dancer. Even today, under the tutelage of renowned Guru's, young boys can be seen practicing the Gotipuadance here. A visit to Odisha would definitely be incomplete without a visit to this little village.


Satapara (52 km)*

Satapara, a retreat in nature on Chilika Lake, has been thrown open to visitors. Its location near the confluence of the Lake with the Bay of Bengal, and proximity to Puri (52 km), makes it an ideal spot to enjoy Chilika. The thrilling sight of dolphins round the year and abundance of migratory and resident birds in winter make it a preferred place for a vacation with nature.


Baligaon (30 km)*

The place is otherwise known as Bhakta Dasia Pitha. It is situated in the Teisipur Gram Panchayat area under Pipli Block of Puri District. This village is associated with every activity of  Bhakta Dasia Bauri, where he was tested by the Panchasakha and he showed his wife Car Festival in the water of famous pond Gothagadia, where he also sent a coconut to Puri through a Brahmin Pandit for Lord Jagannath.


Siruli (20 Km)*

Known for famous Mahaveer (Hanuman) Temple in picturesque ambiance. Siruli Mahavir Temple is situated about 33 kms on the north east of Puri town on the way from Puri to Bhubaneswar. A huge figure of Lord Hanuman is enshrined in the sanctum who is the presiding deity of the temple. The image is carved on a single piece of stone in standing posture . He holds a short dagger in left hand and gandha mardana mountain in right hand.


Manikapatna(42 km) *

An old historical port site associated with Kanchi-Kaveri legend of Lord Jagannath. The famous Bhabakundaleswar Temple is also located.