Ongoing Rituals

   Date    Programs
29th March 2015 Beginning of Banajaga Yatra
30th March 2015 At midnight their journey to Deuli Matha
2nd April 2015 Night Halt at Deuli Matha
3rd April 2015 Puja at Kakatpur Mangala
4th April 2015 Start of Search for Daru Brahma
17th May 2015 End of Search for Daru Brahma
2nd June 2015 Deba Snana Purnima
5th June 2015 Beginning of making of idols and Yajna
15th June 2015 Change of brahma at midnight
17th July 2015 Naba jaubana darshan
18th July 2015 Ratha Yatra
22nd July 2015 Hera Panchami
26th July 2015 Bahuda Yatra
27th July 2015 Sunabesha